Criminal Evidence

Author Judy Hails ISBN-10 1285062868 ISBN-13 9781285062860 Year 2013-06-01 Pages 640 Language English Publisher Wadsworth Publishing Download Link Click Here With an emphasis on real world applications CRIMINAL EVIDENCE Eighth Edition provides readers with comprehensive up to date coverage of common evidentiary topics in a brief affordable format This book thoroughly explores constitutional issues essential to the collection and seizure of admissible evidence and legal interrogation carefully outlining concepts and processes applicable to every state and pointing out where great interstate variation exists or specific state codes may have a strong impact Current trends and topics discussed include terrorism and homeland security scientific evidence Federal Rules of Evidence hearsay and the appellate system Available with InfoTrac Student Collections http gocengage com infotrac

Fight Like a Physicist: The Incredible Science Behind Martial Arts (Martial Science)

Author Jason Thalken ISBN-10 1594393389 ISBN-13 9781594393389 Year 2015-10-07 Pages 128 Language English Publisher Ymaa Publication Center Download Link Click Here WINNER SPORTS USA Best Books Award 2015Fight Like a Physicist provides an in depth sometimes whimsical look into the physics behind martial arts for sport and self defense Whether you are an experienced martial artist or a curious enthusiast this book can give you an unfair advantage by unraveling the complex science of effective fighting techniques and examining the core principles that make them work In addition to breaking down the principles behind the punches Dr Thalken a computational physicist with a long history of martial arts across various styles applies the mind set of a physicist to a number of controversial topics in the martial arts Making physics your unfair advantage in the ring and on the streetExamining center of mass pi levers wedges angular momentum and linear momentum for martial artistsProtecting the brains of fighters and football players from concussionsReducing traumatic brain injury in contact sportsExposing the illusion of safety provided by gloves and helmetsOverturning conventional wisdom on compliance during an assaultBusting Hollywood action mythsGiving the mystical side of martial arts a much needed reality checkDr Thalken…

The Craft Beer Cookbook: From IPAs and Bocks to Pilsners and Porters, 100 Artisanal Recipes for Cooking with Beer

Author Jacquelyn Dodd ISBN-10 1440564914 ISBN-13 9781440564918 Year 2013-10-18 Pages 224 Language English Publisher Adams Media Download Link Click Here Transform your dishes with the tremendous flavor of craft beer The Craft Beer Cookbook doesn t think you need to wait until five o clock to pop the cap off of a quality beer From tender pork chops marinated in a bold and citrusy IPA to apple fritters drizzled with an amber ale caramel sauce the recipes in this book are not only delicious but they also capture the complex notes and flavors of a perfectly balanced brew Filled with a diverse selection of varieties each dish transforms everyday fare into top shelf plates that are sure to satisfy even the most discerning fan of craft beers A toast to the world s finest brews this cookbook highlights inspired dishes like Sausage and pale ale frittataRoasted mushroom and brown ale soupSalmon with dijon beer cream sauce over drunken couscousSlow roasted maple stout baby back beef ribsChocolate stout cake with chocolate raspberry ganache and whipped creamComplete with 100 imaginative craft beer recipes and dozens of four color photographs The Craft Beer Cookbook shows you how to incorporate your true love beer…

The Positive Trait Thesaurus: A Writer’s Guide to Character Attributes (Writers Helping Writers)

Author Angela Ackerman ISBN-10 0989772519 ISBN-13 9780989772518 Year 2013-10-03 Pages 252 Language English Publisher JADD Publishing Download Link Click Here It s a writer s job to create compelling characters who can withstand life s fallout without giving up But building authentic memorable heroes is no easy task To forge realistic characters we must hobble them with flaws that set them back while giving them positive attributes to help them achieve their goals So how do writers choose the right blend of strengths for their characters attributes that will render them admirable and worth rooting for without making it too easy for them to succeed Character creation can be hard but it s about to get a lot easier Inside The Positive Trait Thesaurus you ll find A large selection of attributes to choose from when building a personality profile Each entry lists possible causes for why a trait might emerge along with associated attitudes behaviors thoughts and emotions Real character examples from literature film or television to show how an attribute drives actions and decisions influences goals and steers relationships Advice on using positive traits to immediately hook readers while avoiding common personality pitfalls Insight on human needs and…

Smithsonian Handbooks: Gemstones

Author Cally Hall ISBN-10 0789489856 ISBN-13 9780789489852 Year 2002-05-15 Pages 160 Language English Publisher DK Download Link Click Here Designed for beginners and experienced collectors alike these field guides make identification of individual specimens sure simple and straightforward Each entry has a full color illustration as well as color coded bands that provide at a glance facts for quick reference Easy to use and beautiful to look at this series is an invaluable resource for every collector

Strengths Quest: Discover and Develop Your Strengths in Academics, Career, and Beyond

Author Donald O. Clifton ISBN-10 1595620117 ISBN-13 9781595620118 Year 2016-01-01 Pages 336 Language English Publisher Gallup Press Download Link Click Here Students who use their natural talents achieve the most but they need to know what those talents are StrengthsQuest includes the Clifton StrengthsFinder an online assessment that reveals students top five themes of talent And StrengthsQuest also helps students make the most of those talents Students and learners of all ages continually face the challenges of gaining direction making decisions and building self confidence Fortunately the keys to successfully meeting these challenges your own natural talents already exist within you Through these talents you will produce your greatest achievements Over the course of 30 years Gallup conducted millions of psychological interviews and identified 34 themes of talent that are indicative of success In the StrengthsQuest program Gallup offers you the opportunity to discover talents from your top five themes and build on them to achieve academic career and personal excellence More than 100 000 students have benefited from the program Your quest starts with the Clifton StrengthsFinder a 30 minute assessment that reveals your top five themes of talent This online assessment is your entryway to a variety of…

C++ Concurrency in Action: Practical Multithreading

Author Anthony Williams ISBN-10 1933988770 ISBN-13 9781933988771 Year 2012-02-28 Pages 528 Language English Publisher Manning Publications Download Link Click Here Summary C Concurrency in Action is a reference and guide to the new C 11 Standard for experienced C programmers as well as those who have never written multithreaded code This book will show you how to write robust multithreaded applications in C while avoiding many common pitfalls About the Technology Multiple processors with multiple cores are the norm these days The C 11 version of the C language offers beefed up support for multithreaded applications and requires that you master the principles techniques and new language features of concurrency to stay ahead of the curve About the Book Without assuming you have a background in the subject CC Concurrency in Action gradually enables you to write robust and elegant multithreaded applications in C 11 You ll explore the threading memory model the new multithreading support library and basic thread launching and synchronization facilities Along the way you ll learn how to navigate the trickier bits of programming for concurrency Written for C programmers who are new to concurrency and others who may have written multithreaded code using other languages…

Field Guide: Creatures Great and Small: 35 prints to color

Author Valerie Davies ISBN-10 184780697X ISBN-13 9781847806970 Year 2015-08-06 Pages 72 Language English Publisher Wide Eyed Editions Download Link Click Here This is the first book in a series of coloring in guides to popular subjects such as natural history and fashion beautifully presented as a book of high quality decorative black and white prints A Coloring Guide to Creatures Great and Small features animals from all corners of the globe from exotic fish to big cats to incredible insects with information on each species included on the reverse of each print Pull out each of the 35 prints and color them in as you wish either by following the coloring tips on the back or by letting your imagination run wild then hang them up on your wall or give them away as presents With gorgeous detailed artwork and an eyecatching 100 silver foil cover this is a coloring book that will stand out from the crowd

Funster 101 Large-Print Word Search Puzzles, Volume 1: Hours of brain-boosting entertainment for adults and kids

Author Charles Timmerman ISBN-10 0997092904 ISBN-13 9780997092905 Year 2015-12-02 Pages 128 Language English Publisher Funster Download Link Click Here Experience the simple joy of classic word search puzzles The perfect gift for adults or kids Printed in a large easy to read format 101 stimulating puzzles 30 overlapping words in every puzzle Interesting themes Easy to read 20 point type

Glannon Guide to Torts: Learning Torts Through Multiple-Choice Questions and Analysis (Glannon Guides)

Author Richard Hasen ISBN-10 1454846887 ISBN-13 9781454846888 Year 2015-11-23 Pages 464 Language English Publisher Wolters Kluwer Download Link Click Here The proven Glannon Guide is a user friendly study aid to use throughout the semester as a great supplement to or substitute for classroom lecture Topics are broken down into manageable pieces and are explained in a conversational tone Chapters are interspersed with hypotheticals like those posed in the classroom that include analysis of answers to ensure thorough understanding Additionally The Closer questions pose sophisticated hypotheticals at the end of each chapter to present cumulative review of earlier topics More like classroom experiences the Glannon Guide provides you with straightforward explanations of complex legal concepts often in a humorous style that makes the material stick The user friendly Glannon Guide is your proven partner throughout the semester when you need a supplement to or substitute for classroom lecture The material is broken into small manageable pieces to help you master concepts Multiple choice questions are interspersed throughout each chapter not lumped at the end to mirror the flow of a classroom lecture Correct and incorrect answers are carefully explained you learn why they do or do not work You can…